Promotion and Commercialization of Selected Technologies to Improve Banana (Lakatan and Saba) Production in Aurora Province


Banana is one of the major commodities grown in the Aurora Province. It ranks third to rice and coconut in terms of hectarage covering a total area of 2,055 hectares (BAS, 2010). The province produced 12,881 mt bananas distributed by cultivar as follows: Lakatan -1,251 mt; Saba – 8,895 mt; and other varieties – 2,735 mt (BAS, 2010).   Dingalan, Aurora produced almost  70 percent of banana in the province.

The S&T based farm established by PCAARRD through CLARRDEC in Dingalan, Aurora in 2009 showed the high potential of Saba production in the area. Through the adoption of the following S&T interventions on the rehabilitation of Saba of the Magsasaka Syentista such as application of the right kind and amount of fertilizers and desuckering to maintain 3-4 suckers per mat) resulted in an increase in yield from 8 to 12 hands per bunch with corresponding weight increase from 15.96 kg (following farmer’s practice) to 22.68 kg (with S&T intervention). Partial budget analysis of a 2-year data from 50 mats revealed a PhP 33,000.00 difference in income following the S&T interventions.

Promotion and Commercialization of Selected Technologies to Improve Banana (Lakatan and Saba) Production in Aurora Province

Bananas particularly the major cultivars such as Lakatan & Latundan are commonly affected by various pests and diseases. To reduce the incidence of infection, especially of viral diseases, the use of disease-free or clean planting materials is recommended.

Moreover, proper management practices when already grown in the field must be followed. In order to produce clean planting materials, the banana shoot-tip culture technique, more commonly known as tissue culture method, which is proven to be a rapid clonal micropropagation at optimum cost can be established by competent laboratories and personnel (Recel,2006). One banana sucker can produce a maximum of 1,500 plantlets or meristem in eight months. It is a reliable means of mass-producing planting materials for commercial banana farms.

The project aims to:

  • Expand the existing ASCOT tissue culture laboratory and nursery.
  • Produce meriplants of Lakatan and Saba for Aurora and nearby provinces;
  • Train staff and technicians on the improved protocol for mass propagation of banana planting materials.
  • Capacitate laboratory technicians/ potential entrepreneurs/ LGU members on nursery-management of banana through hands-on training.
  • Establish half hectare (lakatan and saba) techno-demo plots and  one hectare plantation (1/2 ha. Lakatan and ½ hectare Saba) adopting the recommended package of technology.

The project is funded by the PCAARRD-DOST through the Office of the Sen. Edgardo J. Angara amounting to PhP6,890,000.00 with Dr. Eutiquio L. Rotaquio, Jr. as the project leader.