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ASCOT – AMRDI Training and Expedition on Marine Macrobenthic Flora

ASCOT-AMRDI Seaweed Assessment Training Ice cream. Gelatin. Soap.Toothpaste. Herbal medicine. For decades, seaweeds have been utilized for its commercial importance. Aside from the edible

Psycho-Socio-Economic-Impact Assessment of Agri-Based Technologies in Central Luzon

Economic development is central to agricultural development. Economic activity is a human activity and therefore it is important to know how a given economic

Species Inventory and Assessment of Sea Cucumber in Aurora and Nearby Provinces

This project has an initial budget of PhP 673,200.00 funded by the Commission on Higher Education with Forester Ma. Cristina B. Cañada as the

Charcoal Briquetting Technology Project in Aurora Province

The unceasing cutting of trees for traditional charcoal making is one of the most detrimental upland activities. Such action led to depletion of forest

Establishment of ASCOT-KALMADABA Mangrove Footbridge for Research, Tourism and Other Educational Purposes

This is a project of ASCOT in  collaboration with Kalipunan ng mga Mangingisda sa Dagat ng Baler (KALMADABA). The construction of footbridge started on