Seven ASCOT Academic Programs Undergo Level 1 Accreditation

AACCUP Accreditors with the College President and the ASCOT Accreditation Task Force during the First Formal Survey Visit of the Seven Academic Programs of the College.

AACCUP Accreditors with the College President and the ASCOT Accreditation Task Force during the First Formal Survey Visit of the Seven Academic Programs of the College.

With its thrust to ensure the quality of its curricular offerings, ASCOT submits seven (7) of its Academic Programs for Level 1 Accreditation in the First Formal Survey Visit conducted last November 28 – December 2, 2016. Team of Accreditors from the Accrediting Agency of Chartered Colleges and Universities in the Philippines (AACCUP) assessed the five (5) Undergraduate Programs: Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, Bachelor in Industrial Technology, Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering, Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management and two (2) Graduate Programs: Master of Science in Agriculture, Master of Science in Environmental Management based on the set standards for institutions of higher learning.

An opening program was held on November 29, 2016 at the ASCOT Accreditation Room where the Accreditors and the ASCOT Accreditation Task Force were formally introduced. The team of prominent accreditors was led by Dr. Carlo T. Nabo who serves as the overall coordinator with the Team Leaders and Program Accreditors, Dr. Isidro L. Duran for BSIT, Prof. Jimcel P. Pecasio for BIT, Engr. Seth B. Barandon for BSCE, Prof. Mario G. Bukas for BSME, Dr. Romeo A. Gomez for MSEM, Dr. Jocelyn D. Tuscano for MSA and Prof. Marjorie R. Duran for BSHRM. Other members of the accrediting team were Dr. Aileen V. Elarco, Dr. Rodolfo C. Moreno, Engr. Christopher John Landa, Prof. Perla DS. Carpio, Prof. Mary Joy A. Castillo, Prof. Orlando B. Lomboy, Dr. Estrelita V. Tucay, Dr. Grace D. Ladia, Dr. Lilia M. Tamayo, Dr. Nancy G. Liwanag, Prof. Roel P. Balayan, Prof. Annabelle B. De Vera and Ms. Fely A. Akilith.

Each of the programs were evaluated in ten (10) areas: I-VMGO, II-Faculty, III-Curriculum and Instruction, IV-Support to Students, V-Research, VI-Extension and Community Involvement, VII-Library, VIII-Physical Plant and Facilities, IX-Laboratories and X-Administrations. Among the documents that were examined are the different manual of operations of the College, documents pertaining to whether the program objectives are consistent with the VMGO, the planning processes that sustain quality in the academic programs, documents that support the outcomes-based education, extent of researches presented, utilized and are published in refereed journals, studies on the impact of extension service, and other pertinent documents necessary for the operation of the College. Site inspection of Physical Plant and Laboratories were also conducted during the visit.

Exit conference was done on December 1, 2016 where all the Accreditors presented their findings and recommendations to the College Officials and local accreditation task force. Dr. Carlo T. Nabo encapsulates the group’s general impression to the acronym ASCOT: A-ctive Participation, S-elfless Devotion, C-ommitment to Excellence, O-penness, T- oughtfulness. Meanwhile, ASCOT President, Dr. Doracie B. Zoleta-Nantes thanked the College Officials, Faculty, Staff and the members of the ASCOT Accreditation Task Force for the all-out support to the accreditation process which testifies the College commitment to this endeavour and vowed to follow the recommendations of the AACCUP team for the improvement of the college programs for the benefit and welfare of the students.

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